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Samadov Mushfig is a New York artist making waves around the world from his humble spray painting stand in Times Square.

As an untrained artist, he dreams of progressing from street art into art galleries and with videos of him at work going viral, he proves what one person can do with a heap of natural talent and a few basic tools…


Most nights you can find Mushfig in front of Planet Hollywood in Times Square, however during the daytime on Sundays, he is at the intersection of 47th Street and Broadway Avenue.

“Using tools such as the top of the spray paint can, colorful, interesting planets become visible. He paints in a 3-dimensional New York skyline — including the Statue of Liberty, using a cut-out — and the painting has transformed into something that belongs in an art gallery. Finishing touches include stars and comets, or reflections of a planet on water below.” – source

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  • Chrystal stern
    February 2, 2014 - 12:24 pm · Reply

    Is there any way other then being in New York you can buy this guys pictures??? I live in Mississippi but my husband is from New Jersey and he would absolutely love one of those pictures, especially one with the twin towers!!! He lost friends and family that day and has a collection of anything that has to do with New York!!!

  • Katerina Simms
    February 9, 2014 - 2:08 pm · Reply

    Hello Chrystal,

    I’ve actually had other people ask me about this artist and despite my best attempts he seems rather impossible to track down. However if it’s the art style itself you’re interested in there are other similar artists in America, you maybe even be able to get one of them to specifically create what you’re after.

    Take a look at this website as a place you can purchase similar spray paint art http://www.spacepaintings.com/page/page/1393615.htm

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