Winter Update on Katerina Simms! (Includes Video)

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A rainbow over Ocean Grove, where I recently attended a writer's retreat.
A rainbow over Ocean Grove, where I recently attended a writer’s retreat.

I get many requests for updates on what’s happening with me and my writing, so I decided to make things easier on everyone and put together a quick update post. Below is a written list of what I’ve been up to, as well as a video for anyone who prefers to hear me talk (I am pretty funny after all…).

I’m sure more will change in the coming months, but I’ll do my best to keep everyone up to date from now on. Until then, enjoy this brief list…


  •  My first book is now (finally) with an editor. I hope to submit it to a publisher in the coming months and there are two reasons I’ve decided to engage my own editor:
    1. With this being my first book I thought it best to pay someone to show me the ropes, rather than subject some poor and unsuspecting soul at a publishing house to potentially shonky work. Thankfully, early chapters have gotten good feedback so far.
    2. As some of you might have seen in my Hello Video six months ago, there’s really only one publisher I’m planning to submit my book to. If they don’t accept the work, I’ll likely self-publish––in which case, I’ve already done my first round of professional edits.
  • I’m now working on my second book. The first draft is already written, but needs editing (first by me). A couple of weekends ago, the Melbourne Romance Writer’s Guild (I’m a member) held an amazing writer’s retreat and I attended. There, I shared the early chapters of this second book and received great feedback, including some from a multi-published author. So that’s encouraging!
  • The BIGGEST news is that I now have a monthly newsletter! I’d really love it if all my followers could signup to this. My newsletter will include:

• Updates on me and my writing.
• A list of that month’s posts.
• Any competitions I might run in future.
• Privacy for all email addresses and a promise I’ll never share information with a third party.

But why would you signup to my newsletter if you already follow me on social media?

Because social media platforms die out, or limit what you see on your newsfeed––which includes my posts and can kind of defeat the purpose of following someone in the first place!

*People currently signed up to my RSS feed will be moved over to the newsletter. From now on, they won’t get an email with EVERY post I do (sometimes multiple in a week), they’ll receive a tidy monthly email with an easy run-down of what I’ve posted.

  • And my most exciting news is I’ve now crossed over 15 thousand followers. So a big and massive thank you to everyone who ‘likes’, shares, follows, messages, reads, or comments on everything I do. Please keep the love coming. I truly appreciate the interactions, which are a major reason why I continue to post and write. I make every effort to get back to everyone who interacts with me in some way or other.

In the next couple of weeks I’ll be posting more feature posts to my website, some shorter ones, and hopefully a short story I knocked together during my recent retreat. I hope you enjoyed today’s update post, and once again, I love reading and responding to everyone’s words, so feel free to leave a comment of your own.

For continued updates on me, my articles and posts––AGAIN––please sign up for my new monthly newsletter––everyone who does will get a FREE virtual hug from me. :p

Video Update:

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