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Ok, it’s that time of the week again, and today I have some really interesting links to share. Did you know there was a time when women were perceived as the more sexually dominated of the sexes? Or that much of what we currently consider ‘manly’ might be on the verge of extinction? 

Have a look at the links provided, I’m sure you’ll learn something new:


15 Date Night Ideas That Don’t Break the Bank

This is one for the cash-strapped lovebirds out there, wanting to keep it simple, but fun. This link provides a list of cheap date nights for you and your partner, as well as a couple ideas if you want to include friends.


5 Manly Things That Are Going Away Forever

While some of these might be debatable, take a list of these 5 manly things that ‘are going away forever’, and the authors reasons why. I would love to know if you think football, cars and red meat are on the way out.


8 pronunciation errors that made the English language what it is today

This is an awesome article on the progression of the English language, which may leave some self-professed language experts stumped. Did you know a ‘wasp’ was actually originally pronounced ‘waps’, or an ‘adder’ was originally a ‘nadder’? Keep reading, there’s lots of interesting things in this one.


“When Women Wanted Sex Much More Than Men”

This would have to be one of the most interesting reads I found in a long time, it will really make you rethink history and female sexuality as we know it today. To quote:

The Puritans believed that sexual desire was a normal and natural part of human life for both men and women (as long as it was heterosexual and confined to marriage), but that women wanted and needed sex more than men. A man could choose to give up sex with relatively little trouble, but for a woman to be so deprived would be much more difficult for her.



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