Project Relevant Drafts:

moon boy_1

Description: Earlier draft drawing on 2D styles and influenced by an art nouveau aesthetic.

Materials: Watercolour paint and gouache.

Description: Further experimenting with pen name and project-specific style, drawing on realism, and classical illustration, combined with fantasy elements. Also wanted to adjust proportions, and develop character through facial expression and three-dimensional style. In future, I would like to experiment using different, perhaps finer-grain and/or hot-press watercolor paper.

Materials: Watercolour paint and gouache, digital retouching

Illustration Practice Drafts: Raw forms with no digit retouching.


Experimenting with illustration styles. Art nouveau and fantasy elements, then more traditional styles with loose backgrounds.

Materials: Watercolour paint and paper.

Experimenting with loose watercolour still-life, as well as movement and mixing contrast colours. 

Materials: Watercolour paint and paper.


Experimenting with Australian flora, and transparency.

Materials: Watercolour paint and paper.