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Here are some articles I stumbled upon this week. Please take a read, hopefully you’ll find something interesting. 🙂

Before the dawning of artificial light, humans use to sleep twice.

A great read for people who love history and in particular, the beginning of mankind. Find out why the sleep patterns we keep today are far removed from what we had thousands of years ago.

18 things women keep in their lives that only hold them back.

The title is pretty self-explanatory, but this article is still an enlightening read for any woman (or man, if you’re curious). I like point 8:

The fear of being called “crazy” for acting out on your emotions or thoughts. Women are expected to be perpetually demure and accommodating, and when they step out of these expectations, they’re called names. You’ll rarely see someone calling a man “crazy” for expressing his anger, but it happens to women all the time.

Matters of the heart and wallet: a Valentine’s Day fact sheet.

Some facts and figures about Valentine’s Day that might leave you feeling a little nauseous. Also discusses the general spending attitudes of people in the west when it comes to their loved ones.

Sustainable Consumerism – Is it possible?

Off the back of my last link, this one delves into the viability of sustainable consumerism (though I’m sure big business will disagree). At the end of the day, this article reminds us that we really do vote with our dollars.

5 Home Frizzy Hair Remedies.

Ok, this one is a little frivolous, but as a girl with curly hair I felt like sharing it. It’d be interesting to hear if anyone out there has tried any of these….


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