Katerina Simms Sings You a Song (‘GRAVITY’ by Sara Bareilles)

Katerina Simms Singing

If you follow me on social media, you might have seen that earlier this week  I mentioned posting a video of me singing. Well, despite the fact this idea terrifies me, I’ve gone ahead and posted the video anyway!

Some of you might know, in my other life, I coach vocalists. So it’s a little scary for me to put myself out there (hopefully none of my students are watching) :p .

I hope you enjoy this video. Please note: my tongue is still half-numb from dental surgery two months ago! Ekkk!



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xox Katerina

Katerina Simms is a Romance Writer & Recovering Former Mermaid, born on a sunny Mediterranean island. These days she resides in Melbourne, Australia, where she spends her days writing novels and musing on her highly successful blog. For regular updates, feel free to Subscribe to her newsletter.

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