Katerina Simms is Back. Part Two… Or should I say ‘Baby Two’?

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A little explanation:

I know I’ve said this before, but this time I really am back. Maybe not ‘back’ like I used to be, but back nonetheless. The last time I said I was back (after having my first baby), was April 2108. And guess what? A couple of months after that I got knocked up with baby number two!

*Insert love hearts and bubbles here* He’s totally gorgeous and my heart explodes a little every time I think of him. Gah! And no, he wasn’t a ‘whoops’ baby (I’m allowed to say that, I am a ‘whoops’ baby), just in case my use of the term ‘knocked up’ makes it sound like he was :D.

Anyway, back to what I’m getting at here…

So once again I got sidetracked by a difficult pregnancy and the accompanying surgery to extract a gigantor baby boy (who’s therefore extra squishy and made for cuddles… Can you tell I love him?) But now, even though I’m still very sleep deprived, I’m so ready to return to my blogging and writing. Because frankly, as much as I love my two babies, unless my husband wants to pay for someone else to carry the next wriggly bowling ball, I’m done having babies. Done. DONE. SO done…

BUT I wrote two more books while I was gone! Weeeeee-hooooo!

Soooo… the plan is to release at least one of my books by the end of this year. There are three completed books in total and I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated on the ‘when’ and ‘what’ of releasing those stories to the big, bad world. I’m just now getting back in the swing of posting and social media, while picking my brain off the floor… *Sigh* Sleep deprivation…

And while I’m mentioning social media…

I’ve joined Instagram and am absolutely loving it. So if you want to follow me, just click on this link. Otherwise, you can find me on the app itself via @katrinasimmsauthor. You’ll see updates from my everyday life and any future book-related news. And of course, you can also sign up to my newsletter!

I’ve got so many exciting things happening this year, so please do keep in touch. One of the things that makes this mothering gig a little easier is having awesome people to interact with along the way.

Love and Hugs,


P.S. Apologies if there’s been any typos or incoherent sentences. The baby is popping a bunch of teeth at the moment, which means—you guessed it—MORE SLEEP DEPRIVATION!

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  • Preston L. Bannister
    June 22, 2020 - 4:56 am · Reply

    Done? Will have to check back in two to four years. 🙂

    There seems to be an in-built biological clock that says “No!” for about two years after birth, then switches to “Yes!” between two and four years.

    At the current rate, expecting the announcement in your next blog post. 🙂

    • Katerina Simms
      June 22, 2020 - 10:09 pm · Reply

      Ha! I really hope not. I keep telling people, if I do have another one, just assume it was completely unintentional. A third is tempting, but I need sleeeep, and time to myself, and to release a damn book, and pregnancy is definitely NOT my friend!… So many reasons 😀

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