An Advance Reader Copy (ARC) is a pre-released book, sent to select readers in the hopes of gathering honest reviews.

ARCs are a special kind of people. They offer an author guaranteed reviews early in a book’s release, which then gives prospective readers genuine opinions on the book while it’s still new to the market.


  • A free digital copy of my newest release, which you’ll get to read before everyone else
  • Occasional surprises and gifts, because again, advanced readers are a special kind of people, who play a big role in a book’s success!
  • And of course, a very special place in my heart 😀

All you have to do to be considered for the team is click on the ARC  Team button below. This will take you to a quick form to fill out:


I’m sure some of you want to leave reviews but don’t know how. Here are some things you can include in a review that would help other readers decide if they would like this book. Some talking points that make up good reviews are:

  • Who was your favorite character, and why?
  • How did reading the book make you feel?
  • What are some words to describe my writing style?
  • Are you looking forward to the next book in this series/more books from me?
  • What genre would you classify this as? Would you recommend it for fans of dark contemporary romance or fans of steamy? A cross between both? Something else?
  • If you were recommending this book to fans of another author, which authors would that be? i.e. do you think this is perfect for Nora Roberts fans or do you think fans of Bella Andre would like it more? Or both? Someone else?

Your review should be honest and it can include anything you want to share! So don’t be shy, get clicking on the button above.

Also, thanks for taking the time to consider being one of my ARCs!

x Katerina