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Baby sloth in hand

I thought I’d change my weekly links post up a bit this week by switching my usual articles to some favourite videos. Take a look on what’s to offer. I have cute sloths in a bucket, a mesmerising video and sound piece, the science of how EVERYONE started life as female, and lastly, the cleverest Honey Badger ever to grace this earth.

Please watch, these are some truly awesome videos!

Bucket of Sloths

I don’t know what it is about this video, but these baby sloths make me smile every time. I won’t explain too much, just watch, hopefully you’ll get what I mean…

Tree Rings Played on a Record Player

Ever wondered what a tree would sound like if you placed its rings on a record player? Ok, neither have I. But I’m glad Bartholomaus Traubeck did… “The Voice of the Trees”, is getting lots of internet love lately, and you can check out his website here.

‘Years’ Tree Turntable demonstration. Utilizing various make-shift components, German designer Bartholomäus Traubeck has managed to create a modified record player that takes wood slices of a tree and makes music from its inner rings.


We were all female

Well, it is certainly a win for anyone keen on levelling the gender gap (hopefully that’s everyone, right?). Anyway, did you know we all began ‘life’ as female? Take a look at this brilliant video by AsapSCIENCE.

Dear Gentlemen, science has a confession. You were once…a female – which helps to explain where your nipples came from. Watch and learn…

Honey Badger Houdini: Masters of Mayhem – BBC Two

A brief, but mind blowing, look at the life of Master Escape Artist/ Honey Badger, Stoffle. If you haven’t seen this already, you need to. This has to be the most intelligent, Houdini-type, creature ever. His escape skills are amazing!

Hope you enjoyed today’s post. I love reading and responding to everyone’s comments, so feel free to leave a comment of your own.

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