Interesting Links: September 5, 2015

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Welcome to another instalment of Interesting Links. Today’s collection includes: a list of 32 tasty French desserts (and their recipes), amazing images of animals in the womb, 31 strange facts about death, and some incredible advice on how to deal with grief.

I hope everyone is having a brilliant weekend! 😀

32 French Desserts That Will Make You Want To Move To Paris

Talk about food porn! This Buzzfeed list got me almost as excited as their awesome list of teas, which I posted on my last Interesting links post (yes, I LOVE tea). If these tasty treats don’t get your tummy rumbling and your tastebuds tingling, nothing will.

Can You Guess These Wild Animals From Their Pictures In The Womb?

I have to admit, when I first started skimming this three page list, I thought it was a bit silly. But I kept looking and eventually things got fascinating. My favourite image is the cheetah, but there are lots of great photos in this collection.

31 Strange And Disturbing Facts About Death

Going with a loose ‘circle of life’ theme, from baby animals to death facts, is another list from Buzzfeed. There are some brilliant facts in here, but I find the ones on population most interesting. So get a two month jump on Halloween and have a read.

How To Deal With Grief. This Reply Is Incredible.

I told you I was going for a loose ‘circle of life’ thing here, so since we’ve just read a about death, how about an amazing bit of advice on dealing with grief? Although I don’t think the analogy discussed could be limited to death only, this poignant answer from a Reddit user left me with a few things to think about.


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image credit: Betsy Weber

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