Interesting Links: October 27, 2014

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Fairy on the Moon

It’s interesting links time again and I have three super intriguing pages for you to visit. Check out the magical photography of Russian artist Margarita Kareva, 24 amazing items you won’t believe you don’t own, and 23 far away perspectives that will leave you rethinking the way you see the world.

Happy internet surfing everyone, I hope you’re having a brilliant week. Check back with me again, I’ll be posting more soon. 😀


Fairytales Come To Life In Magical Photos

By Russian Photographer Margarita Kareva

I can’t tell you how haunting and beautiful Margarita’s photographs are, except to say they put most Disney movies to shame. True mystical imagery at play here – I wonder if she does weddings?…


24 Household Items you won’t Believe You Don’t own Yet!

Some awesome items mentioned on this list, many of which you’ll find yourself wondering why no one thought to invent them earlier. A couple of my favourites are the double shower curtain rod and the broom groomer shovel.

23 Far Away Perspectives of Famous Places

Ever see those images of earth from space and think, “Wow, our planet is smaller than I ever imagined”? Well, these far away perspectives are a bit like that. I’ve been to a few of these landmarks, and at the time I felt small beside them. These shots make me feel even smaller!

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image credit: Alice Popkorn

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