Interesting Links: May 7, 2015

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For this week’s round of interesting links, I’m sharing with you a cool collection of pieces that include: one man’s experience when an ex-lover contacted him on Facebook, 15 inspirational quotes from Hollywood leading ladies, the results of a survey on female orgasm, and 19 funny examples of kids outsmarting their teachers.

I hope you enjoy these links. It’s pretty damn cold where I am in Melbourne, Australia, so wherever you are please stay happy, healthy and warm! 😀

When The One Who Got Away Found Me On Facebook

When I clicked on this link I expected the article would be a typical rant piece about how crazy the writer’s ex was, or how much he missed her. But what I ultimately got was a beautifully poetic lesson on how to really see other people and those who walk in and out of our lives.

15 Inspirational Quotes By Classic Hollywood Leading Ladies

The title pretty much explains everything, so let me share my favorite quote from this list of fabulous Hollywood leading ladies. This quote comes from Jayne Mansfield:

“If you’re going to do something wrong, do it big, because the punishment is the same either way.”

Female Orgasm Survey Tells Everything You Need To Know

As a romance writer I felt obliged to share this link with you. Even though the survey was run by Cosmo, I think the results still ring true for many women–especially considering the survey encompassed answers from over 2,300 female participants. If anyone out there happens to pick up a few new tidbits of information on the female orgasm… you’re welcome. 😛

19 Kids Trying To Outsmart Their Teachers

I won’t ruin any of the fun by telling you what’s on this photo-slide, so just click through and enjoy what these clever kids have to offer. Needless to say, when I saw these, I laughed hard.

Hope you enjoyed today’s post. I love reading and responding to everyone’s comments, so feel free to leave a comment of your own.

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