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It’s time for this weeks interesting links and I’ve gathered a range of things to browse. Tattooed seniors, an artists response to Tinder, an update on sex education for girls; all rounded off by a funny video featuring a magician and some confused dogs.

Take a look, let me know what you think… 😀

Tattooed Seniors Response To ‘What About When You’re Older’

For someone who doesn’t have tattoos, this was an interesting collection of images. If you’ve ever wondered what happens to a tattoo in the ageing process, this will answer that question. I have to say, these seniors were rockin’ it.


This Artist Found An Amazing Way To Get Back At Men Who Objectify Her On Tinder

Check out one artists creative response to some of her more inappropriate suitors on the dating app Tinder. I also got a bit of a chuckle from some of the replies from the men… it would suck to be them…


17 Lies We Need to Stop Teaching Girls About Sex

I found this article refreshing. It’s a good reference for anyone raising teenage girls, and I think some fully-grown women might find some benefit from reading this also. One of my favourite lies mentioned was this one:

5. If someone buys you something, you owe him or her sex.

This Magician Demonstrates a Trick On Eight Dogs. Their Reactions are PRICELESS! 

Time for my weekly laugh link and this one is good. I won’t give too much away, just watch. Dogs can be mighty expressive… 🙂



Hope you enjoyed today’s post. I love reading and responding to everyone’s comments, so feel free to leave a comment of your own.

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Image credit: Michael Gil

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