Interesting Links: May 22, 2015

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Welcome to another round of ‘Interesting Links’. For today’s post I’ve included a brilliant selection, including: One crafty guy’s hilarious attempt to re-label bookstore sections, 8 scientifically proven things to help build a lasting marriage, a science based article on how early men and women were equal, and an awesome 18 year old who makes stunning costumes.

I hope everyone reading this is doing well. Please enjoy the links and have an amazing weekend! xo


This Guy Created His Own Hilarious Book Sections At A Local Bookstore

So apparently some guy got really bored browsing sections at his local bookshop, so decided to rename everything with funny new titles. I’m not completely sure if the guy even works at the bookstore, or if he’s just some random stranger, but I have to say––as a romance writer––I like how he renamed the romance section, “Dudes who lost their shirts”.

8 Surprising (And Scientifically Proven) Things That Lead To A Lasting Marriage

This wonderful article lists 8 things that can help a marriage last (as proven by science). I think at the very least, the list serves as a reminder of things we can all probably improve on to assist the health of a range of relationships.

Early men and women were equal, say scientists

This link leads to an interesting new study that shows early modern tribes might have operated on a basis fairer than what we have today. The article suggests that inequality between the sexes came in around the time of agriculture and farming. What I love about this premise is that while we may want to assert what we have now is ‘what’s always been’, research shows how much the world we live in always changes.

This 18-Year-Old Girl Is Sewing Gowns That’ll Take Your Breath Away

I just loved the photos on this Buzzfeed link. The sewing is just beautiful and showcases so much talent. I wish I owned some of these costumes (especially the Christmas Angel).

Special Bonus Link!…. THIS IS NOT MY CAT!

I felt like including this last minute. It’s truly terrifying how much cats have infiltrated our lives (literally) :p


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