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Bored? Well don’t be, because today I’m sharing my latest finds via the amazing world of the internets. This week’s link offerings include sites with the vocals ranges of pop-culture’s greatest voices, priceless items people have sold on Ebay, as well as a thing or two to tempt those prone to sugar cravings.

The Vocal Ranges of the Worlds Greatest Singers.

I have a little confession, in my other life I’m a singing teacher, so this list was a great find for me. Though the title maybe a little misleading given the artists included only come from western pop-culture, this is still a great resource. Take a look for some surprising and not so surprising ranges – singers included Mariah Carey, right through to Justin Bieber.


7 Priceless Items People Sold on eBay

If you’re anything like me, you probably use Ebay to purchase socks and random things you can’t be bothered leaving the house for, so I was shocked to find out I’ve not seen this site to its full potential. Items include a chunk from Mars, the original Hollywood sign and even a not-yet-discovered sea creature. Who knew Ebay contained such wonders!

10 Things You Need to Say Before it’s Too Late

This is a lovely list, but also a great reminder of how to prioritise our behaviour in general. My favourite example on this list is that of ‘Thank you’, the author tells a beautiful, yet sad story to go along with it.

30 Mug Recipes – Amazing Desserts in the Microwave 

If you get the occasional sweet-tooth, but are like me and can’t see yourself committing to eating or making an entire cake, then this site is for you. Most of the recipes require only a few basic ingredients you likely already have in your pantry and the best thing is, these desserts take mere minutes to make. Enjoy!



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