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It’s time for some more Interesting Links and today I’ve attached four snazzy offerings. Take a stumble to discover 60 rare historical photos, read a poem women and men can both relate to, learn about the curse of the Hope Diamond, as well as see what pretty girls look like when they pull ugly faces.

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60 Rare Photos Will Destroy Everything You Knew About The Past.

I can’t tell you how awesome this collection of photos is, there are a lot of historical gems in here. Some of the 60 photos include a teenaged Vladimir Putin, Bill Gate’s mug shot (I didn’t even know he had one.) and a young Bill Clinton meeting JFK.

And He Learned

I REALLY recommend this poem, whether you’re a man or a woman. It goes through the journey of a boy’s life and explores the ways in which society rises men to dehumanise women and their issues. This is a beautiful and personalised piece that highlights the tragedy on both sides, it’s very well put together.


10 Victims of the Hope Diamond Curse

Did you know the Hope Diamond was cursed? Okay, I don’t really believe in curses but this link is an interesting bit of trivia that spans centuries of misadventure dolled out to any who have handled the Hope Diamond. The list of unfortunates include French Royalty, right through to the mail man.


22 Pretty Girls Making Hilarious Ugly Faces

I like to end my links post on a light note so I’ve included this link, I’m not sure if it’s more funny or just plain weird. Take a look and make up your own mind, I have no idea how these girls are pulling some of those faces – the before and after differences are unnerving.


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Image credit: Eric Peacock


  • MIke Mike
    July 25, 2014 - 6:44 pm · Reply

    I loved the photographs Katarina! Talk about some rare pictures. I had only seen one of them before.

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