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Today I’m posting my usual four links with an added extra one on the end for your reading pleasure. Take a scroll through these lovely discoveries if you’re interested in finding new uses for commonly trashed items, the hidden secrets behind some classic paintings, useful skills to learn from the Navy SEALS, as well as some seriously amazing gothic cake designs… Then scroll to the end to see my extra link for lovers of romance novels. 🙂

40 Uncommon Uses for Commonly Trashed Items 

This is a wonderful collection for anyone who is into their DIY projects or who simply doesn’t like waste. If you’re neither of these thing, still take a look. There are some really cool things to see, such has how to use Lego as a charging station for your phone and how to reuse baby food jars as salt and pepper shakers.

X-ray painting by Picasso, Van Gogh to reveal their surprising stories

I loved this page by the Australian Broadcasting Network. If you know anything about art, you’ll know that many great artists were cheap skates and liked to paint over works they never wanted to see the light of day. With this site you can run your mouse over the finished painting and see what’s hidden underneath!

7 Habits From Navy SEALs That Will Make You More Successful

This is a good article featured on the Business inside website. It’s especially useful if you’re looking for extra motivation or wanting to fine-tone your life skills


The women mentioned in this article if crazy talented and I highly recommend you take a look at her gothic creations. Her works are like a Tim Burton movie – but in cake form. Truly this lady is an artist.

Lost Cause (A Daisy Dunlop Mystery Book 1)

Time for my extra special link and a little shameless promotion (but not on my behalf). I want to share with everyone this wonderful book written by JL Simpson. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her over the last couple of months as an editing partner, and I have to say I love her writing. Please take a look. ‘Lost Cause’ is fresh on the shelves and you’re getting in early, as this book is the first in a series.




Hope you enjoyed today’s post. I love reading and responding to everyone’s comments, so feel free to leave a comment of your own.

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