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Hellllllooooooo… my lovely followers! I hope you’ve had a super amazing week, with great things to do over the weekend. Today is ‘Interesting Links’ day and I’m sharing a few links I’ve recently come across.

First we have the perfect first date questions to ask (as proven by science), 8 famous women who proposed to their man first, best and worse diets as ranked by doctors and nutritionists, and last of all, 27 photos that will make you mad!

Happy reading everyone xo

The Perfect First-Date Questions, According To Science

Ahhhh…. science! Making dating easier (we hope). This article explores a recent study that set out to determine what sort of questions worked to create a better connection on a first date. Contrary to popular belief, scientists found that participants who asked more person, or ‘taboo’, first date questions actually did better on their dates. Take a read to get the details.

8 Famous Women Who Popped The Question

I thought this was an interesting list, but to be honest, I wasn’t ALL that surprised at the women listed, they’re all known for having pretty strong personalities. Who knows, maybe in time a woman proposing first will become more common, though I’m sure it’s already getting there.

Doctors and nutritionists ranked the most, and least, effective diets of 2015

This is a great article for anyone interested in good diet, especially if you’re still sticking to a healthy New Years resolution. What I love about this article is the number of well-known diets that have been broken down into ‘best’ and ‘worst’ lists.

27 Photos That Will Make You Irrationally Mad At The World

If you’re one of those people who are OCD about all things being symmetrical and well-engineered, this photo-feed is going to drive you nuts. I’m not a huge stickler for perfection, but even I had trouble with some of these, particularly the unaligned corridor lights – for some reason I’d find that creepy.


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