Interesting Links: December 5, 2014.

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Car with Divorce sign

It’s Interesting Links time again and I’m super excited to bring you a whole bunch of new pages to peruse. This week’s links bust the myth that the divorce rate is rising, points out more than a few engineering flaws, provides five useful applications for baking soda, AND unravels the idea of how cute and cuddly certain animals really are.

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The Divorce Surge Is Over, but the Myth Lives On

This recent article from the New York Times explores recent numbers in the divorce rate (American). What’s especially interesting is that not only is the divorce rate dropping, but this piece reveals other facts, such as how couples with a collage degree are less likely to head for Splitsville. Some encouraging news here, but read for yourself to get the details and figures.

The 31 Most Pointless Things Of All Time

From ineffective security gates, to stairs that lead to nowhere, this list is a great laugh that is likely to leave you scratching your head in confusion.

5 Unexpected Ways To Use This Ordinary Kitchen Staple

I love baking soda (or depending on the country you’re from, ‘bi-carb soda’). I already knew baking soda had a few handy uses, but this article added a couple more to try out. Take a look yourself and maybe you’ll pick up a few new tricks too.

Animals Can Be Giant Jerks

So, umm, did you know Otters are kidnappers and that Dolphins are really perverted? Read this article if you’re looking to ruin your perception on certain ‘loveable’ animals. Sure, we all know that some creatures are exceptional jerks, but this list is full of unusual suspects.


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