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So Christmas is over for another year, I hope everyone had a wonderful day with very little drama. I thought I’d help you all down from the crazy excitement of the season by offering something familiar. That’s right, it’s Interesting Links time again, and it’s the last one for this year (sad face).

Today we have four brilliant reads: from super gorgeous wedding photos, to conversation ice-breakers for little girls; five important things women should know about men, and 10 lame things that suddenly get better once you’re older.

Happy reading my lovely followers, here’s to an amazing 2015 to come! xox

25 Must-See Wedding Photos From 2014

The Huffington Post scoured the internet and compiled a list of this year’s most stunning wedding photos. For anyone who is a fan of weddings or photography, you will love this list, I know I did. My favourite photo was the couple amidst the nighttime rain.

The best ice-breakers for girls

Form the title you’d be forgiven for thinking this link is a list of dating advice for guys, but it’s not, it’s something way better. Often times, the first thing adults will think to compliment a little girl on will be her looks, which kind of breeds a culture of objectification at a very early age. The writer of this article has done us all a favour and listed some awesome compliments and conversation starters to use next time we encounter a special little girl.

Five Important Things Women Don’t Know About Men

I just loved this article and had to share it. This piece features a bit of advice on aspects of masculinity that many women are often unaware of. What the writer has to say is rather profound, and a couple of my favourite points are:

1. We (men) are starved for compliments.

4. We are sick of being success objects.

10 Lame things that are awesome now that I am an adult.

Do you find that as you get older the silliest things make you happy? Yep, me too. This list mentions some fantastic things I never expected I’d find exciting but now do. If you too are trilled by Farmers Markets and having great credit, by all means read on.

Hope you enjoyed today’s post. I love reading and responding to everyone’s comments, so feel free to leave a comment of your own.

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