Interesting Links: August 3, 2015

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Pretty Tea Cup

Hello wonderful followers and welcome to another interesting links post. Today I have some brilliant finds, which I’m super excited to share with you. My links include: what a cup of tea looks like in 22 different countries, the benefits of reading more, some interesting facts about Victorian era beauty, and one photographer’s artistic interpretation of what insomnia feels like.

I hope everyone out there is having a great start to the week, please enjoy these links 😀

What A Cup Of Tea Looks Like In 22 Different Countries

Now, anyone who follows me online knows I LOVE a cup of tea. I also have a mild obsession with teapots and teacups, and if I had unlimited funds, I’d totally have a room dedicated to housing tea sets. But alas, I must settle for this awesome Buzzfeed article instead. Have a look for yourself, you might just get some ideas for some tasty new tea recipes.

While science has determined that readers in general make for more empathetic people, this lovely post by Lifehack highlights the more poetic benefits to opening a book. I have to say I agree with the points stated––reading really can make life better and may just give us a welcome break from our screens once in a while.

Weird Victorian beauty standards we thankfully don’t deal with today

How does dipping poison into your eyes or rubbing road tar into your eyebrows sound to you? Well, perhaps if you lived during the Victoria Era the idea wouldn’t seem to far-fetched. Click through to this Hello Giggles article to get more info on what those crazy Victorians got up to.

Artist’s Surreal Photo Series Captures Her Struggle With Insomnia

I love my photo series, and this one by Jenna Martin is no exception. Take a look at her surreal images based on the experience of having insomnia. I’m impressed with how these dreamlike creations were achieved.



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