Interesting Links: April 12, 2015

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A Soldier From 1 Rifles Rests Following an Engagement with the Enemy in Afghanistan

Want to kill some time? Well, hopefully my new batch of interesting links will help you with that.

First up I have a link about a man who choose happiness (the title doesn’t do the story justice!), photos of decades old suitcases belonging to patients of a New York insane asylum, a hashtag that reveals just how few words it takes to ruin a date, and 25 priceless lessons from Albert Einstein.

I hope everyone has had an amazing weekend, keep in touch, and keep having fun!

The Man Who Chose Happiness

An empowering story of one man’s encounter with a returned soldier who lost both legs. I had to share this with my readers, the story illustrates just how much one’s happiness can be controlled by choice.

Suitcases packed by people who lived and died decades ago

An interesting and somewhat sad step back in time into New York’s now closed Willard Asylum for the Insane. The asylum was built in 1869 and the images posted here are of belongs owned by patients before they were committed.

“It’s such compelling stuff. These people were essentially prisoners inside. Their families largely abandoned them. They gave them a suitcase and had them committed. Looking at these suitcases, you just get the idea that that these people really had lives outside before they went to Willard.”

Hashtag Reveals How Easy It Is To Derail A Romance

Earlier this year, the hashtag #FiveWordsToRuinaDate trended on Twitter. Huffington Post shared a collection of 17 tweets that show how easily a poor choice of words can mess up a date.

25 Life Lessons from Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein quotes almost always turn up some insightful pearls of wisdom, thus I’m sharing this list with you today. My favourite of all 25 quotes mentioned would be number 19, “Anyone who doesn’t take truth seriously in small matters cannot be trusted in large ones either.”


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Image credit: UK Ministry of Defence


  • MIke Mike
    April 12, 2015 - 8:44 pm · Reply

    These were indeed interesting Katerina. I’m still learning that happiness is a choice, not something that just descends out of nowhere. Ahhhh the suitcases – such amazing stories told in the pictures. Absolutely human and sane “things” belonging to people deemed not sane. The Einstein quotes – I should write them all on a small piece of paper and carry them around. I just might.

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