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It’s time for another weekly links, so take a read of what’s on offer this week. I’ve included a mix of things to ponder, inspire, and give you a laugh. 😀


10 Things That Will Happen When You Start Pursuing Your Dreams

As a person living a creative life, I can definitely say I’ve encountered at least a few of these, including moments of vulnerability, and having to let go of people who couldn’t understand my life choices.

Number eight resinated most:

8. There will come a day when you’ll want to stop taking risks and settle for something with more security.

29 Rare Photos Of Famous People

Now I found some of these down right fascinating for some reason. But then who wouldn’t be intrigued by a photo of a smiling Bruce Lee having a dance, Martin Luther King Jr flipping the bird, or a young Matt Damon in a Humpty Dumpty costume?


Why I Never Hire Brilliant Men

This is a feature article from The American Magazine dating back to 1924. Interestingly enough I think much of what the writer has to say still resonates to current modern life.

The article explains all the faults that the author found endemic among brilliant men. They start well but never finish, they get excited over revolutionary developments but grow weary of repetitive small tasks. This was so exasperating to the author that, after experiencing several such brilliant men in his business, he decides that he’s better off not hiring them. Full of pithy quotes and life lessons learned from individual experiences, the article reads almost like a modern-day issue of Reader’s Digest, with its prescriptions of hard work and assurances of success for those who keep trudging away.

6 Hilarious Cases of Online Voting Contests Gone Awry

I thought I’d end things on a laugh. Take a look at what happens when companies entrust the general public with the fate of their advertising campaigns. I particularly loved the Green Peace Whale campaign, and Maintain Dews search for a new drink name…


Hope you enjoyed today’s post. I love reading and responding to everyone’s comments, so feel free to leave a comment of your own.

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