I’m Starting a NEW Tradition.

Follow Me Friday June

So I’m starting a new tradition and it’s called ‘Follow Me Friday’. One Friday every month I will dress up in a crazy costume, take a photo from my desk, and do really bad Photoshop––all in order to shamelessly try to convince you to SIGNUP to my newsletter.

This month I dressed as a mystical sorceress, with my Lord of the Rings Goblet. I almost died of smoke inhalation doing so––THAT’S how much I want you to *SIGNUP*.

For those of you who have seen my recent Winter Updates post, you’ll know my newsletter is really important to me because it will include:

• Updates on me and my writing.
• A list of that month’s posts.
• Any competitions I might run in future.
• Privacy for all email addresses and a promise I’ll never share information with a third party.

PLUS: Because social media platforms die out, or limit what you see on your newsfeed––I don’t want to lose my current followers OR have them miss new posts because they don’t show up on newsfeeds!

So, feel free to comment and leave suggestions for future ‘Follow Me Friday’ photos. I want to have lots of fun with this new tradition––just keep your suggestions clean. While you’re at it, please SIGNUP (did I say that enough?) 😛  

Katerina Simms is a Romance Writer & Recovering Former Mermaid, born on a sunny Mediterranean island. These days she resides in Melbourne, Australia, where she spends her days writing novels and musing on her highly successful blog. For regular updates, feel free to Subscribe to her newsletter.

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  1. MIke Mike at 5:11 pm

    Love the concept of Follow Me Friday complete with crazy costume. It doesn’t take that for me to follow you however.

    • Katerina Simms Author at 11:51 am

      Thanks Mike, you’re wonderful as always. I like having fun with my blog and followers, we’ll see were this new tradition goes 😛

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