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Dancers and non-dancers alike will be able to appreciate this video put together with the National Ballet of Canada called Lost in Motion, for the beauty and genius it contains within.

Featuring dancer Guillaume Côté, this short piece captures both the super-human movement of the artist and some rather stunning videography, with angles and effects that highlight the astounding range and accuracy of line performed so perfectly by Guillaume.

About the Film:

‘Opening on a lone male figure, Ben Shirinian‘s two-minute film pulls its viewer into the world of dancer Guillaume Côté as he loses himself to his movement in an undefined, mysterious space. Combining live action with subtle visual effects, Lost in Motion encapsulates the precision and technique of the dance to beautiful effect, exposing the strength and athleticism behind it.’

About the dancer:

Guillaume Côté is a man who can fly. This dancer born in Lac-Saint-Jean, Quebec, studied at the National Ballet School of Canada and thirteen years ago he joined the company. His technical and communication skills on stage are such that it is able to leave the audience breathless. In 2004 he became a principal dancer…’ – Source (translated)


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