Here is a Method That is Helping Billions Around the World Reach a Natural High

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Ok, ok, I know what you’re thinking… ‘What is this fantasy potion she is talking about and where can I get my hands on it?’ Well, actually there is no fantasy potion but if you happen to have any device nearby that plays music you’re not too far from having access to an instant mood lifter.

The people behind AsapSCIENCE have put together yet another amazing video which has music mixing in perfect sync with the wonderful world of science.

This engaging video explains something many muso’s and music lovers have known all along, that listening to music is in itself a ‘perfectly natural drug of happiness’


‘Music has an ability to create a state of arousal causing pupils to dilate, blood pressure to rise and the brain to fire in auditory, movement and emotional regions. And even though music does not have a direct survival benefit, this emotional reaction causes a release of the feel good chemical Dopamine.

Though the exact evolutionary reasoning is unclear, the amazing fact remains, music chemically alters our body and makes us feel great.’

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