Half-Time Travel Snaps: My Europe Adventure.

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Habsburg Palace Vienna Austria


I’ve realised I’m at about the half way point through my overseas travels and thought I’d share some of the photo grids I’ve complied during that time. Those who follow me via social media might have seen these already, but I’ve included my original descriptions for those who haven’t.

The adventure’s been great so far and I’ve encountered a lot of wonderful history. Here’s to a brilliant rest of the trip!

Hannover, Germany

August 5, 2014:

“Unexpected find here in Hannover. This is the bell that rang out over Hiroshima before the Atomic bomb landed.”

Hiroshima Bell in Hanover Germany

August 6, 2014:

“Still in Hannover, today I had the experience of walking through this Lutheran Gothic church built in the 1300’s. It stood proud and was graced with beautiful frescoes until it was burnt out during an air raid in 1943. History is just one of the things wars wipe away.”



Hamburg, Germany:

August 8, 2014

“Had an amazing/ exhausting day in Hamburg, Germany yesterday. The train station alone is impressive; along with the town hall, the view from St Michael’s church and an unexpected visit to Brahms museum.”



Prague, Czech Republic:

August 14, 2014

“I’ve always wanted to go to Prague more than any other place in Europe and today I proved that desire worthwhile. One of the most beautiful European cities I’ve been to. The palaces and churches are gorgeous, but getting to see original works of Art Nouveau (especially Mucha’s posters) and the city’s unique building design was truly special.”


Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

August 15, 2014


“Yesterday I was in the Czech town of Karlovy Vary. It’s not very well known to people in the English speaking world (I didn’t meet one English speaker the whole day), but this town, founded by King Charles IV, is well known to Russians and Europeans for the healing mineral springs and beautiful riverside buildings. Highly recommend a visit, wish I’d planned to stay longer.”




Vienna, Austria:

August 17, 2014

SURPRISE! I’m in Vienna. So much walking today, but it was worth it to see as much as I did. Loved my time at Belvedere Palace where I saw various wonderful art exhibitions, as well as the beautiful grounds itself. Also viewed the Second Secession building (the one with the golden top – important during the art Nouveau period) and the central cathedral.”



August 18, 2014

“These little plaques are all over the pavements near my hotel in Austria. From what I understand in this building, two doors down from where I’m staying, 107 Jews were forced to live in communal housing where they were eventually deported to various death camps. Only 2 of the 107 survived to the end of World War II.”

Vienna plaque

August 21, 2014

“Photos from the military museum in Austria (it’s a beautiful building). The surprise find of the day was the car Archduke Franz Ferdinand rode in with his wife when they were assassinated, which lead to the start of World War I.”

military museum austria

August 22, 2014

Just some images from our trip to Habsburg Palace in Vienna a few days ago. Involved some amazing art exhibitions, the Musical Instrument Museum (with Mozart’s childhood instruments), the armoury and those cool 1500’s animaton clocks/ toys I posted a video of a few days ago. Such a great place to visit.”

Habsburg Palace Vienna Austria


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