Feature Video: 11 Year Old Jazz Piano Prodigy Will Make you Believe in Reincarnation!

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I’m so happy to bring you this week’s ‘Feature Video’, because I’m in love with how amazing and talented the kid in this video is. Besides, he deserves all the attention he can get.

Joey Alexander is an 11 year old piano prodigy from Indonesia, now making waves in the New York jazz scene for his freakishly good playing. What leads me to saying he’ll make you believe in reincarnation, is just how soulful, skilful and natural his playing is. Truly, he sounds as good as any jazz legend ever did––and even has some jazz legends singing his praises.

To quote the video’s first line:

“If you haven’t seen him live and heard him live, and you just hear that there’s a young kid who can play jazz––there’s no way to prepare you for what you’re going to experience”

Please watch this, you’re going to be amazed!

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Image credit: Nick Oliver

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