Did You Know Insects Can Design Jewellery?

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Take a look at these stunning images of what Caddisfly Larvae create when their usual materials of leafs and rock, used for constructing a protective casing around the insect, is replaced with gold and various precious stones such as opals, pearls and turquoise.


French Artist Hubert Duprat is the brains behind the unique concept resulting in these kooky creations.



‘Duprat, born in 1957, began his work with caddisfly larvae in the early 1980s. He collects the larvae from their normal environments and he takes them to his studio. There he gently removes their own natural cases and puts the larvae in tanks filled with his own materials, from which they begin to build their new protective sheaths. When he began the project, he only provided the caddis larvae with gold flakes. Since then, they have enjoyed various semi-precious and precious stones, including turquoise, coral and lapis lazuli, as well as sapphirespearlsrubies, and diamonds.’- source


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