“A Handy Tip for the Easily Distracted” by Miranda July

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Kitty stealing pen distraction

I had to share this video with my blog followers as it would have to be the most original idea I’ve seen to beat distraction. Even though my computer is both my means of productivity AND distraction, “A Handy Tip for the Easily Distracted” by Miranda July, still provides what I’d call a great motivator in getting stuff done.

Miranda July dreams up an idiosyncratic solution to the interruptions of modern life in “A Handy Tip for the Easily Distracted.” An offcut from July’s latest film, The Future, the scene has been reconstituted by the actress, writer and filmmaker for NOWNESS, complete with a score by David Byrne collaborator Steven Reker. – source.

Watch it, I’m sure this will make you smile. 🙂

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